Bozeman, Big Sky, Yellowstone Trail Info - Interactive Map

Finding information about local trails and recreation can be difficult. Detailed regulations are typically available only through printed maps produced by government agencies and often is not clear or available when you need it.

The purpose of this app is to make these regulations easier to find for all user groups. Data was acquired from Forest Service districts, Yellowstone National Park, the City of Bozeman and Gallatin County.

Trails can be filtered based on allowed uses for each trail segments. Information for winter motorized users can also be toggled with the SNOMO button. This layer shows areas on the Custer Gallatin and Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forests that are open and closed to snowmobile access.

Many of the trails layers from the forest service have not been updated for several years. One of our goals with this application is to improve current data and develop a better resource of trail information than is currently available.

This app was created by Gage Cartographics

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